dotSolved is a leading Provider of Business Process, Application Engineering and Cloud Infrastructure Consulting Services

dotSolved is focusing on innovative solutions for small, medium and large enterprises, which include the following industries: high technology, energy, manufacturing, communications, retail, healthcare and education. We define, automate and optimize complex business processes for the digital era and engineering applications that increase business value. With hundreds of successful implementations and extensive experience in ERP, Big Data and Supply Chain, dotSolved is able to guarantee creation of quantitative business value from our project engagements.

Value Added Services

dotSolved provides cost-effective solutions, domain knowledge and technical expertise to our customers. Our range of services covers ERP, Big Data, Supply Chain, Mobility, and Cloud Infrastructure solutions.

These services include:

  • Development & Implementation Services - (Business, IT and Analytic Applications & Stacks)
    Many companies face significant challenges from a fast and constantly changing business environment. Forward thinking companies need to be agile in order to thrive in today's business world. dotSolved helps develop, implement, integrate and extend the capabilities of your software applications to meet your growing business needs, this allows you to build software capabilities quickly thereby enabling your business processes and people to become more agile, productive and respond to market opportunities.

  • Design & Optimization Services - (Process, Technology and Analytics)
    Most organizations are faced with the growing complexities of new technologies such as virtualization and cloud technologies, organizations face an increasing need to manage risk and minimize implementation timelines. DotSolved provides design & optimization business processes, applications and technologies to make your business run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

  • • Managed Services - (Complete Application & Infrastructure Management & Reporting with BOT (Build Operate Transfer Model)
    Many companies rely on their vendors to provide value to their organizations, but manag¬ing their own systems, applications and databases can be a challenge - especially when resources are scarce. dotSolved manages the entire lifecycle of your software applications as a full-fledged service including Support & Maintenance, Upgrades, Migrations, Enhancements, Optimizations and Extensions with a dedicated staff for you. decide to own and manage them yourself.

  • Support & Maintenance - (Multi-tier and Complete Support & Maintenance Lifecycle)
    With the rapid growth, many companies often don't have staff to support the multi-tier, support and maintenance lifecycle, dotSolved has the application expertise to support and maintain your software systems for as long as you need them.

  • Business Transformation Services (People, Process and Technology)
    When business processes change, they spawn organizational changes, technology changes, which have to be synchronized with the overall change strategy. dotSolved has considerable experience in providing a holistic change management process to help its customers succeed. The services cover change management strategy, communication strategy and training strategy designed to achieve successful adoption of the organizational changes. We ensure that we have a productive relationship with the business sponsors (Director through VP level LOB) and project stakeholders to ensure a successful adoption of the process and technology changes.

  • Staff Augmentation Services - (People, Skillsets)
    Companies often don't have sufficient staff to ensure your implementation project goes smoothly, dotSolved offers program staff augmentation services, bringing you the right talent at the-right- time when you need it.