dotSolved drives innovation for enterprises by defining, automating and optimizing complex business processes for the digital era and engineering applications that increase business value. With over hundreds of successful implementations and experience in ERP, Big Data and Supply Chain, dotSolved is able to guarantee creation of quantitative business value from project engagements leading to accelerated business growth and profitability for customers.


We firmly believe in delivering customer-focused solutions through continuous application of innovative methods, practices and analytical rigor. We collaborate and partner with our customers to facilitate implementation of the right technology and processes to drive business transformations.

dotSolved uses a proven, customizable and unique 5-step methodology (F.A.I.T.H.) that guarantees business value to our customers. The F.A.I.T.H. methodology is represented as follows:

F – Formulation of the business case: Requirements Definition

A – Analysis and modeling of the business problem or challenge: Functional Design

I – Identification of key drivers to solve the business problem: Technical Design including data, KPIs and types of insight required to drive desired outcomes

T – Time-to-market solution enablement with people, process, technology and analytics: Implementation

H – Harvesting the yield using key drivers identified earlier: Measuring Business Value

Top 10 Lasting Benefits For Your Enterprise
  1. Discover new business opportunities that your data is telling you and determine the best course of action
  2. Develop new process, technology and people capabilities for an agile and predictive enterprise
  3. Respond to opportunities fast with evidence based approaches. As data arrives, your ability to respond to changing market signals fast could have material impact on your business.
  4. Make better business decisions leading to superior outcomes. Get a deeper and granular understanding of your sales transactions, customer interactions, and machine data in real-time or otherwise.
  5. Get the Big picture. Understand your full business context of the problem or challenge you are facing – look at your customers, non-customers and markets you compete in and your offerings.
  6. Extract deeper insights from diverse sources of data and across multiple dimensions. Enhance your analytic models with data from internal and external sources. Most of big data (unstructured, semi-structured, structured) is being generated from outside the enterprise.
  7. Internalize & Institutionalize data-driven decision-making experiences, best practices and analytical rigors.
  8. Bridge Business & IT teams. Extracting insights from Big Data is a team game. LoB (Line of Business) managers need to take advantage of market intelligence from Big Data and IT has to ensure that the Big Data infrastructure can enable extraction and consumption of insights for LoB (Line of Business) managers.
  9. Invest in the right Big Data technologies and infrastructure projects to enable real-time (or otherwise) decision-making capabilities for LoB managers.
  10. Enable Closed Loop Decision-making by connecting your Business Process to the analytical process - DATA to MODELS to INSIGHTS to OUTCOMES for every decision.