Extracting Business Value from Big Data

Our consulting approach leverages a NEW era methodology and framework to create tangible and measureable business outcomes from data & analytics.

Technology behind Big Data

We provide tailored Big Data solutions with the right technology to SOLVE your unique business challenges

Business Data Lake

Your enterprise has large volumes and variety of data coming in from many sources internal and external to your organization at different velocities. Capturing all this data ? structured, semi-structured, and unstructured ? into a Business Data Lake opens up opportunities to analyze this in different decision contexts and derive business value.

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A NoSQL or Not Only SQL database provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data that is modeled as Key-Value pairs, graph or documents rather than the tabular relations used in relational databases

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Hadoop ecosystem

The so-called "Hadoop ecosystem" is, as befits an ecosystem, complex, evolving, and not easily parceled into neat categories. Simply keeping track of all the project names may seem like a task of its own, but this pales in comparison to the task of tracking the functional and architectural differences between projects.

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Business Analytics & Intelligence

Business Analytics is the exploration of data through statistical and machine learning techniques to identify patterns, analyze operations, formulate and use predictive & recommendation models, apply optimization techniques and to communicate the resulting insights for data-driven decisions by customers, business partners and internal employees.

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Real-time & Predictive Enterprise

Every business regardless of size will need to become a Real-time & Predictive Enterprise to thrive and even survive. With Big Data, we are entering a digital era driven by connectivity, consumerization and responsiveness like we have never seen before. The digital revolution is fueling the real-time & predictive enterprise.

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Core Big Data Service Offerings

We enable Big Data transformations that generates lasting business value using Data, Analytics & Technology

Big Data Implementation Services

We help develop, implement, integrate and extend the capabilities of your Big Data strategies and initiatives to address new opportunities to offer and serve your customer base with richer and deeper understanding of your customer's preferences, pain points and needs.

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Big Data Design & Optimization Services

Big Data requires a new approach to drive transformations. At dotSolved, we help you to design & optimize your Big Data business processes, applications and technologies to make your business run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

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Managed Services

We can manage your Big Data Stack as a full-fledged service including Support & Maintenance, Upgrades, Migrations, Enhancements, Optimizations and Extensions with a dedicated staff to work with your Big Data project teams.

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Support & Maintenance Services

We have the Big Data Subject Matter expertise to support and maintain your entire Big Data Infrastructure hardware & software systems.

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Staff Augmentation Services

We bring you the right talent for your Big Data projects when you need it. Talent shortage in the Big Data space is acute. Good Data Scientists, business analysts, data engineers, Hadoop engineers are hard to find. dotSolved has the subject matter expertise to select and offer the right candidate with appropriate skillsets for you.

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