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Business Value Accelerator™ Program.

What is Business Value Accelerator™?

Business Value Accelerator™ program are a set of offerings designed to put your mobile, cloud and big data initiatives on the fast
track through PILOTs. These PILOTs will allow you to start sampling real and measureable Business Value in 20 days and pave the
way to incrementally move towards your desired end solutions in an agile way.


Get started with ONE or BOTH PILOTs. In fact, we could even connect these two PILOTs into ONE project to tackle a specific use case for your business users in Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Support or any department!

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How does it benefit you?

This B.V.A program benefits you in FIVE ways

  • Each offering under this program is designed to accelerate the ROI on your initiatives in Mobile, Cloud and Big Data in just 10 days!
  • Gets you started down the path of leveraging these important technologies for your Line-Of-Business Users with ZERO RISK and at a LOW INVESTMENT of just $20k.
  • Leverage our AGILE DEVELOPMENT and global ENGINEERING TALENT to jumpstart your Mobile, Cloud and Big Data applications.
  • Start thinking and designing NEW BUSINESS PROCESSES around these new “disruptive” technologies.
  • Connect your NEW applications to your traditional business critical applications such as ERP, SCM, CRM, BI/DW and start seeing the value in 20days!

Why we are obessed with 20 days?

As the name of the program suggests, B.V.A is designed to do just that – deliver business value in 20 days.

We have THREE sound reasons for the 20 day turnaround:

We have expertise in deploying 100% open source Hadoop solutions from our strategic partners such as HortonWorks, Cloudera and MapR. Open Source Technologies such as Hadoop are Enterprise Ready and bring NEW capabilities to handle large volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from hundreds of data sources in a variety of formats.

We leverage AGILE METHODOLOGY where 20 days = 2 SPRINT. So your team and our team are razor-focused to fast-track the delivery of business value with EVERY SPRINT.

This 20-day time window, allows your team and our team to focus and deliver on a specific objective. Modern mobile and/or web applications enabled by big data and cloud technology back-ends, require this approach to not only deliver value immediately but also incrementally deliver features that Line-Of-Business users want and will use.

Our Business Value Guarantee™

Yes We Can! Business Value Guarantee™ that is…

We are confident that we can extract business value from these PILOTs for THREE reasons:

  • We use a unique and proven collaborative methodology called F.A.I.T.H that brings to focus THREE important elements on every modern mobile, big data and cloud projects – The business challenge or pain paint these PILOTs are intended for, the expected return to business and the Key Performance Indicators that drive the extraction of insights that matter.
  • We believe in START SMALL, GROW BIG, DELIVER BUSINESS VALUE at every step. Each step is a SPRINT. This sharp focus and strategy, in our experience is crucial to enabling business value from a large variety of open source software technologies that are complex to assemble, integrate and deploy.
  • PILOTs allow you to “Fail Fast” and understand if the data sources you have are providing you with the insights that truly matter for your business. Just having any data & analytic algorithms will not guarantee business value!