Continuously Monitoring Supply Chains Drives Cost Control

Moving products across your value chain with zero or minimal latency to fulfill customer demand when they want it is the core of what we enable with technology, data & analytics.

Technology behind Supply Chain

We empower Supply Chains with the right technology to be responsive, agile and efficient

Supplier Connectivity and Collaboration

Connecting your suppliers and collaborating with them and procuring materials on time can spell the difference between keeping or losing your customer ? especially in hyper competitive markets in the digital era.

Advanced Real-time Supply Chain Analytics

Consumerization is a major force that is pushing supply chains to be demand-driven. With new business models in the digital era, fulfilling consumer demand requires a real-time responsive supply chain that is also optimized to deliver at the right time when the customer wants it.

Supply chain RFID Tagging and Advanced Barcoding

Tracking your material inputs from start to finish and the inventory levels of finished products through the entire value chain (internal and external) are crucial to manage profitability and control costs using modern technologies such as RFID tagging and advanced barcoding.


Core Supply Chain Service Offerings

We enable Supply Chain Transformations using our expertise in Big Data, Analytics & Technology

Supply Chain Implementation Services

Every supply chain decision, tactical (immediate impact) or strategic (long-term impact), is important. By complementing your gut feel and intuitive decision-making with data & analytics, we enable you to deliver consistently superior outcomes for your supply chain decisions.

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Supply Chain Design & Optimization Services

Designing supply chains requires a thorough understanding of your business models, customer demand & expectations and your supplier capabilities. Using various data & analytic models, we can design and optimize your supply chain to ensure throughput, demand fulfillment and cost minimizations as your markets grow.

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Supply Chain Managed Services

It is extremely important to build your next generation supply chain infrastructure on Big Data, Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Real-time technologies. Selecting and blending the right mix of these technologies is important to become an agile and predictive enterprise.

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Supply Chain Support & Maintenance Services

Supporting your entire supply chain infrastructure and maintaining the software systems is a complex task that we at dotSolved can undertake. Using our expert engineering and support staff, we can provide Level 1 to Level 3 tiered support for your users ? internal or external.

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Supply Chain Staff Augmentation Services

Supply chain in the big data era, is undergoing major transformation as your companies move towards becoming a real-time and predictive enterprise. So Big data technology and analytics talent for Supply Chain initiatives are hard to find and come by. We at dotSolved can provide a complete cadre of Big Data and Supply Chain IT engineers, analysts and managers.

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