Designing supply chains requires a thorough understanding of your business models, customer demand & expectations and your supplier capabilities. Using various data & analytic models, we can design and optimize your supply chain to ensure throughput, demand fulfillment and cost minimizations as your markets grow.

Ultimately, supply chain design and optimization is not a one-time event but rather a combination of repeatable process, technology and data science to enable superior outcomes resulting in significant Business Value – revenue, margins. Our expertise is in building analytical models to extract actionable insights for supply chain decisions by cross-pollinating from all business functions - Marketing, Finance, HR, Customer Support, Customer Intelligence, Product Innovation & more.

Typical Supply Chain Design & Optimization projects that we undertake include:

  1. Data Exploration and Discovery
  2. Predictive Modeling & Demand Forecasting
  3. KPI definitions & linkage
  4. Customization of Analytics Workflow & Models
  5. Quantifying & Measuring business value