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Data Science and Analytics

Data Science Solution Offerings

Make Sense of Data in Real-time and Drive superior outcomes

Small, medium, large and public sector enterprises are all inundated with silos of data coming from a variety of sources – internal and external, at different velocities and in varying volumes. The challenge then is to make sense of data as quickly as possible and respond with strategy and tactics for a strong and continuous sustainable competitive

We enable FIVE solutions for you using our expertise and thought leadership in these key areas of Big Data and Analytics. These targeted solutions enable your organization to quickly deploy and ramp up to receive business value from your investments.

  • Data Ingestion, Migration and Validation
  • Operational Data Lake
  • Real-time Processing & Analytics
  • BI/DW, ML modeling and Business Intelligence Hybrids
  • Data Visualization & Discovery

Data Science Practice

Data Science Approach

BI/Analytics Services

Database Services

Development, Design, Administration, Performance tuning, Optimization, and Support.

BT & Analytics

Dashboards, reports, alerts, metrics, notifications & Marketing analytics.

BI Consultancy

Tool selection and certifications, SDK programming and tool analytics..

ETL Solutions

Building end-to-end and scalable ETL solutions with reporting capabilities.

Adaptor Development

Building end-to-end and Adaptor dev solutions with reporting capabilities.

Metadata Management

Data Lineage from ETL tools, Excel metadata migration & high-performance scalable lookups for platforms.

BI Integration

Integration of BI tools into existing products using open source tools.

System Maintenance

Database Schema design, administration, Performance tuning, Query optimization, Development and Support.

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