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Tailor your system to provide Competitive Advantage

NetSuite ERP platform provides many customization capabilities and our experts can help businesses realize the full potential by customizing it intelligently and cost effectively. NetSuite customization enables businesses to improve productivity and accuracy. dotSolved's NetSuite Technical services team with deep knowledge of API’s, SuitScript, SuitTalk and other technologies will analyze your business and tailor the ERP to all your business requirements.

Our ERP Technical Services team will identify the areas where your NetSuite user experience can be enhanced to deliver better ROI. We have helped global companies reengineer comprehensive industry specific solutions to get an edge over their competition.

Our NetSuite customization Services

  • Optimize your NetSuite account to enhance your business and automate processes, and change your business processes to fit in the ERP.
  • Create Custom Fields
  • Create Custom Client Scripts
  • Design and Develop Forms, Objects, and Scripts
  • Leverage Scheduled scripts and User Event scripts
  • Intelligent Custom workflows
  • Create Portlets, RESTlet and Suitelets
  • Create Advanced Saved Searches and SuiteAnalytics Workbooks
  • Integration with 3rd party systems using Web Services and RESTLets.

  • Need help with expediting your internal NetSuite projects? dotSolved will be happy to augment your resources to get the work done.

SuiteScript 1.0/2.1 (Graal.js)

Using SuiteScript, we develop intelligent business logic within NetSuite to meet the customer specific requirements as well as automate manual operations. SuiteScript 2.1 (Graal.js) ensures high performance and parallel execution of javascript code. Our team can assist in expediting SuiteScript 1.0 to 2.1 conversions.


Using SuitFlow helps you to create and manage business workflows to automate business processes to increase your organizational productivity and efficiency.


Using SuiteTalk SOAP and REST web services, we can extend, enhance and integrate your NetSuite system with multiple 3rd party and legacy systems, custom mobile applications, and website for NetSuite integrations.


Using SuiteAnalytics, organizations can develop KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to maximize productivity and quality. SuiteAnalytics is a new feature in NetSuite that enables users to develop reports that can provide better insight into your business.

SuiteBundler & SDF

Using SuiteBundler and/or SDF, we can package and deploy your custom applications and can perform optimizations on the SuitCloud platform. We can also help develop automated testing framework for your own SuiteApps.

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