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Real-time integrations with your legacy/cloud business applications and your trading partners

Effortless EDI Integration

All businesses stands to gain significant financial and operational benefits by integrating their EDI business transactions with their ERP and Supply Chain systems. dotSolved’s expectation for every one of our customers is that your EDI solution should be more than just a business requirement with your trading partner. It should be a strategic advantage creating a seamless, automated workflow between your trading partners and accounting system leading to:

Frustrated with onboarding EDI trading partners or complete compliance testing? Need it done quickly and cost effectively? dotSolved team can help.

Integrating 3rd Party Applications and EDI with NetSuite ERP

dotSolved can easily integrate NetSuite with other key business systems such CRM, Legacy systems, MFG Shop floor systems, WMS, Shipping/LTL carriers using a number of differnt data transfer methods including Web Services, REST Services, direct ODBC connections and CSV or flat files formats. While we have experience integrating using all of these methods, we determine the best approach as defined in industry leading practices. dotSolved utilizes several middleware partners to make this process easy and fast.

Supplier EDI : Manage and Automate data exchange with suppliers
  • Supplier’s ASN (EDI 856) --> NetSuite Item Receipt
  • Supplier’s Invoice (EDI 810) --> a NetSuite Invoice
  • NetSuite Purchase Order --> Supplier Purchase Order (EDI 850)
  • Supplier’s PO Acknowledgement (EDI 855) --> Purchase Order Update in NetSuite
  • Supplier’s Price/Sales Catalog (EDI 832) --> NetSuite Item update
  • Supplier’s Inventory Update (EDI 846) --> NetSuite Inventory Adjustment

3PL EDI: Outsourced Inventory Management and Fulfillment by a 3rd Party Logistics Provider requires these typical integrations.
  • NetSuite Sales Order or Fulfillment Request --> 3PL Warehouse Shipping Order (EDI 940)
  • 3PL Warehouse Shipment Advice (EDI 945) --> NetSuite Sales Order / Item Fulfillment
  • 3PL Inventory Adjustment Advice (EDI 947) --> NetSuite Inventory Adjustment
  • NetSuite Transfer Order --> 3PL Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice (EDI 943)
  • 3PL Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice (EDI 944) --> NetSuite Transfer Order

Drop Ship EDI: NetSuite customers utilize the following integrations for fulfillment of drop ship orders:
  • Retailer Purchase Order --> (EDI 850) NetSuite Sales Order
  • NetSuite Order Acknowledgement --> (EDI 855) Retailer Acknowledgment
  • NetSuite Sales Order fulfillment --> Advance Ship Notice (EDI 856) to Retailer
  • NetSuite Inventory Snapshot --> (EDI 846) Retailer Supplier Inventory
  • NetSuite Invoice --> (EDI 810) Supplier Invoice to Retailer
  • NetSuite Item Desc and Pricing --> Price/Sales Catalog (EDI 832) to Retailer

To enable third party integration, NetSuite developed SuiteTalk with both SOAP and REST based web services. SuiteTalk provides comprehensive error handling to validate data transaction records coming into NetSuite. dotSolved utilizes the SuiteTalk platform to create tight integration between our EDI system and your NetSuite ERP enabling transactions from your trading partners to be automatically translated and processed.

EDI Integration Tailored to Your Needs

Significantly Improve Communication Flow With EDI ERP Integrated Solutions

A successful and smooth supply chain requires excellent communication. Most companies turn to electronic data interchange (EDI) in order to communicate and do business with large retailers. But did you know that your EDI solution can be much more than a business expense?

The industry standard for exchanging data between vendors and customers is automated communications through the use of EDI ERP integration. dotSolved can help you create this seamless, automated communication flow between your trading partners and enterprise resource planning (ERP) accounting system thanks to our innovative solutions.

Integrating your critical systems will empower your business to:

  • Reduce the order-to-cash cycle time, improving cash flows as a result of quicker document turnaround time
  • Reduce the process ordering time by automating re-entry document processes
  • Virtually eliminate human data entry errors with data automation
  • Develop better customer service relationships by resolving order and billing tickets with quick and accurate information
  • Gain real-time visibility into the status of your business transactions

The dotSolved EDI ERP Integration Strategy

At dotSolved, we have found that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work when integrating into different back-office systems. For every customer, we take the time to develop a tailored integration plan based upon your unique business processes, current back-office system data setup, and specific trading partner’s EDI requirements. By architecting upfront how your business-critical systems will ‘talk’ and exchange data, we can create a set of business systems and processes that can be that much more easily updated and maintained for the long-term.

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