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Count on dotSolved to provide the right strategy, resources, and long term support plan for your business

As one of the key NetSuite Alliance Partners, we can tell you that no matter what you will still need access to NetSuite Support (Basic). dotSolved team is well-versed in NetSuite implementations, upgrades, and challenges faced by NetSuite customers when it comes to the ongoing management of NetSuite projects and support. NetSuite customers typically fall into one of these categories:

New SuiteSuccess Implementation

  • Full ERP install and Configuration
  • Migration from On-Prem/legacy ERP to NetSuite
  • Integrate NetSuite with 3rd party business systems
  • Ensure high rate of user adoption

Post SuiteSuccess Implementation

  • Completed their initial implementation of NetSuite ERP but now want to utilize full feature set and functionality
  • Looking for better reporting
  • Additional training for users tailored for the business
  • Opportunity to add modules or customize processes to improve operational efficiency
  • Help with periodic “How-to” questions

Live with NetSuite and Expanding

  • A customer is live on NetSuite and has a dependable support strategy in place but are looking to augment their resources flexibly
  • Free up key internal resources from tactical tasks to focus on the strategic business activities
  • Explore Advanced functionality and additional ERP modules
  • Assist with short term projects or help troubleshoot issues

Reimplementation or Rescue a stalled Implementation

  • Get project back on-track
  • Bring project to successful completion
  • Ongoing optimization and support

The Solutions

With different NetSuite support options available, it can be confusing and frustrating while trying to find the best option for your business. A managed service is an easy way to guarantee consistent support that meets your business needs.

Internal NetSuite Administrator

Always a great option to have an Internal NetSuite Administrator as a full-time employee that is tasked with managing NetSuite.

The Pros

  • Locally available
  • Familiarity with customer’s business operations and people

The Cons

  • Limited knowledge of NetSuite features and capabilities
  • Typically unavailable on the weeknights, weekends, and holidays
  • NetSuite ERP resources are expensive. There is a limited pool of resources in the market
  • Employee attrition might result in a support void, inability to replace the employee quickly
  • Inability to focus due to multiple conflicting priorities and projects

A Managed Service Provider

Managed Services provide your organization with a team of NetSuite experts available 24x7 to manage, integrate and optimize your NetSuite ERP system.

The Pros

  • A team of NetSuite experts is available to you practically round the clock
  • Plays on the collective strengths of the team with business and technical skills for a well-rounded knowledge base
  • Typically costs 25-30% lower than a full-time IT specialist and a fraction of the cost of an average consulting firm
  • Managed Service provider is familiar with the common challenges in NetSuite – utilize a playbook from similar projects
  • Free up internal IT/Business resources to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Can quickly engage in simple troubleshooting tasks to creating complex reports or automation suitescripts to improve efficiency
  • Ability to expedite NetSuite system changes to support business growth or global expansion initiatives
  • Highly Scalable to support business needs as needed

The Cons

  • It's an outside resource, will need time to learn your business initially
  • May need to work with multiple resources instead of one resource
  • Usually resources are working remotely and rather than in person

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