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Get a better ROI on your NetSuite Investment

NetSuite Optimization Services from dotSolved

As an established NetSuite Alliance partner, we deliver optimization services to our clients to get the most out of your NetSuite platform. Improper or stale configuration combined with highly manual processes can slow down your business. We specialize in evaluating the NetSuite ERP system to enhance the operational efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps from business processes and automating repetitive tasks. As part of the optimization our team will ensure you take full advantage of all the relevant features and capabilities available within your NetSuite account to get the best ROI on your NetSuite investment. An optimized NetSuite will save you time and money. It will keep your business operations running smoothly and ready to support your growth.

NetSuite Annual Tune Up, Optimization and Re-Implementation Services

Is your company not fully utilizing all the features and functionality of your #1 cloud ERP with CRM, SCM and E-Commerce? Is the return on investment (ROI) unclear or not what you were expecting?

Optimization of NetSuite cloud ERP, CRM and SCM is similar to a new implementation. Some of the key activities are listed here below.

  • Business Discovery/Requirements Session. A detailed analysis of a company’s current processes, procedures and software requirements in each of their primary business functions; sales, purchasing, inventory control, production, job tracking and accounting. Specifically will identify areas of concern and explore opportunities for improvement.
  • A Re-Implementation Plan detailing opportunities for improvements in productivity, reporting structure and overall company success. Will also provide a tailored re-implementation strategy to match your specific requirements.
  • Review and modify any software setups and configurations.
  • Provide business consulting, training and support for any new processes and procedures.
  • Deliver a successfully implemented on demand CRM, Accounting, and cloud ERP system.
  • Help your company realize the return on investment (ROI) that you were expecting.

Services Provided

  • Setting up custom dashboards.
  • Marketing and CRM optimization.
  • Implementing HCM, WMS and E-Commerce applications.
  • Optimize Adv Inventory and WMS modules.
  • Developing custom KPI.
  • Creating Suitescripts and SuiteAnalytics reports.
  • Designing portals and their modification.
  • RSS feeds and website Integration.
  • NetSuite Advanced Modules Implementation.
  • Integration services with other applications.
  • Create custom or complex workflows to automate.
  • Data conversion issues.

Other Netsuite Optimization

NetSuite has two new releases every year with dozens of new features. As part of Netsuite Optimization we update business processes to leverage new features released by NetSuite to improve operational efficiency and performance. We also encourage customers to undertake the following activities to optimize the Netsuite ERP platform.

  • Conversion from Suitescript 1.0 scripts to Suitescript 2.1 (Graal)
  • Update the business processes based on the latest release with a release preview account
  • Combine multiple saved searches into one report using SuiteAnalytics
  • Workflow trigger events and end points
  • Utilize bulk processing whenever possible
  • Use APM to identify and document areas of performing poorly

dotSolved offers scalable, cost-effective optimization solutions and managed services to delight our customers.

Why choose dotSolved as your NetSuite optimization partner?

dotSolved's business and technical expertise can help you to optimize your NetSuite account to get maximum operational performance. We offer scalable, cost-effective NetSuite optimization solutions to satisfy your business requirements.

Having worked across wide industries and other major technology platforms, we have delivered optimization solutions to our clients in the horizontal marketplace. With our extensive experience, we can recognize and immediately deliver the most suitable optimization solutions in a seamless, cost-effective way to provide maximum operational efficiency and business growth.

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